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          Our wonderful team will welcome you and your child to our office. The doctors will then review your child's primary dental needs, medical history, dental history, previous dental x-rays, diet, trauma, hygiene, and other important information. For the exam, children are encouraged to either sit in the dental chair or in a parent's lap. We give child-friendly introductions to walk through every step of the appointment!

          Depending on your child's dental history, our clinical exam, and dental condition, we may need to take x-rays to complete our comprehensive exam and treatment plan. If your child has treatment needs, we will consult with parents first to determine our best course of action for enabling a smooth treatment experience. Parents take home a copy of their child's x-rays and a full report about their child's teeth. Kids take home a new toothbrush, tooth knowledge, stickers, and a prize of their choice!


​          Parents are always encouraged to stay with their children throughout their exams, cleanings and treatment appointments. Parental presence helps us build trust and rapport with our patients, and allows parents to see how well their child handles their cleanings and treatment!

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